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Welcome to Berlin Collecting Old Clothing Web Site!

We collect second-hand clothes in Berlin region.

We only sell clothes, shoes that are in original wearable condition and all other textiles.

We guarantee that the collected clothes are clean and in good quality.

In order to be sure of this and to test our goods, you can make test buying. You will see that this will be useful for you, too.

Associated with our 6-year experience in this business, we are an innovative and reliable partner for everybody who works together with us.

We sell orders whose minimum order amount is 500 kg.

In the event that you are interested, you may contact us via telephone, fax or our communication form (via e-mail).

In the event that you couldn’t reach us by telephone, please leave a note on the answering machine. We will you call you immediately.

We sell

  • uncategorized textiles
  • second-hand clothes
  • second-hand  shoes
  • feather beds .
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